rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was sometime in the last couple of days that the number of LJ accounts topped 2,106,240, at which point they had increased tenfold from the time I began my journal here, in late June of 2001. I was going to watch the statistics on the log-in page so I could mention it soon after it occurred, but I forgot to check them yesterday. Ah, well. It will soon be 21,062,400 anyway, and I'll be in the earliest one percent of LJ users.

I've fetched most of the recent Windows updates, and plan to get the others later tonight. Then I'll be able to catch up on reading, and I have some writing I want to get to as well. I begrudge every minute I have to spend dealing with computer maintenance, or on letting Sluggo cool off after intensive use. Things to do.
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