rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


If people who write posts designed to elicit many comments are called Comment Whores, then what are those of us who have posted far more comments than we have received? Currently, I'm at 5,876 posted and 2,882 received. Does that make me a Comment John? Since no money changes hands, the metaphor is imperfect (as metaphors commonly are.) Maybe it would be more accurate reversed. Maybe I should be considered a comment slut, just giving it away to everyone. But then, what would the receivers of those comments be? Rakes? Frat boys? Rock stars? Hmmm. Again, unless they are actively seeking those comments, the metaphor doesn't work, and if they are actively seeking those comments, we're back to the original unsatisfactory metaphor. I guess that LJ just isn't analogous to sex.

So why do some people receive many more comments than they post, and others get far fewer? I've decided that, in my case, I receive fewer comments than I make because my posts are so amazing that they leave everyone speechless. And I make more comments than I receive because I'm very, very helpful, and like to share my vast store of information, and not at all any sort of know-it-all busybody. Yeah, that's it. Those of us who leave many comments are Comment Mentors, and the fortunate recipients of our wisdom are our Comment Acolytes! That explanation definitely works for me.

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