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Grayness and Arachnids [Jan. 26th, 2004|08:08 pm]
Gray returned to the sky today, and the waxing moon now glows dimly from drifting clouds. I am going to miss this visual softness when winter ends. Even today, light remained in the sky well past five o'clock. There will be compensatory softness in the form of new leaves and blooming flowers, of course, but nothing compares with gray weather for inducing a sense of calm.

I have been watching a daddy long legs spider crawl up the wall next to my computer. It has strung the narrow space between wall and desk with web, but this is the first time I have seen it venture farther up. I am loath to disturb the creature. It probably kills many mosquitoes for me. But I must periodically use the space it's web occupies in order to gain access to Sluggo's tangled web of cables. Inevitably, the spider must be displaced. I'll try to fetch it without harming it, and escort it to another location.

Oh, rats! I've just realized that this is Monday, and I haven't put the trash can out yet! And here I was, ready to settle down for an hour of LJ drama! Ah, well. Later.