rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Intermittent sprinkles have sent water through the rain gutters where, they being freshly cleaned, it trickles loudly. I can now tell without going outdoors when it is raining too softly for the drops to be heard. Before the gutters were cleaned, the water moved too slowly to be heard from inside the house. Had I known how pleasant the sound would be, I'd have cleaned the gutters sooner.

Apparently, there will be no snow. The slatey roof of cloud has prevented the temperature from dropping further all night. Indeed, compared to yesterday morning, it is now almost balmy. Well, it would be balmy for penguins, at least. But it's possible I won't need that extra blanket today, and the younger cat spent quite a bit of the night outside.

I think some deer passed by a while ago, as I heard some faint sound that might have been hooves on the wet pavement. By the time I went out, the sound was gone, and there was no trace of deer, but only the dark sheen of damp asphalt barely visible in the darkness. I had the urge to go walking, to breathe in the damp and to hear my own footsteps resounding through the stillness, but it is too near bedtime. Some other night, perhaps. Now, the cats and I will end our nocturnal watch and leave the world to the creatures of the day. May they make good use of it.
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