rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Beastly Encounters

Last evening, as I stood by the corner of the garage, a squirrel came running along the fence and, without seeing me around the corner, jumped down to the ground almost at my feet. When it realized that I was there, it leaped about two feet in the air and took off running in a zig-zag pattern. It didn't stop until it was several feet up the trunk of a pine tree across the street. Then it looked back and scolded me with an angry chattering noise before hopping down and continuing on its way. I had never before noticed that the fluid movements of a running squirrel, and the way its tail flows out behind it, rising and falling, are very similar to the undulant movements of a dolphin swimming.

Later, in the starry darkness, thinking I was alone in the front yard, I was surprised by the sudden movement of a deer nearby, then heard that deer, joined by several others, trot quickly up the street. Apparently, I had actually startled the deer first. Someone came yesterday afternoon to do some yard work at the vacant house next door (vacant for going on four years, now) and they had disturbed some dry leaves there which the evening breeze had later moved into my yard. It was the loud crunch of one of those leaves under my foot which had startled the deer. I'll have to clean those up this afternoon, though I do enjoy the sound of them, as I'd rather not have the deer mistake me for an ugly hat. (A deerstalker -- get it? OK, it's a stupid pun, but what do you want at this time of the morning? I need sleep!)

Given the continued clarity of the night sky, I suspect that today will be about the same as yesterday. It's good to have a few mild days in winter when the windows can be flung wide to air out the stuffy house. Still, I'm eager for another storm. I'd particularly like another nice windstorm, devastating as that might prove to be for the fences. Wind always manages to clear the cobwebs from my brain, and I have a few of those at the moment. More will probably gather as I sleep, which I will begin doing momentarily. My next encounter with a beast will most likely be when my cat decides to curl up on my sleeping head.

By the way, for your own beastly encounter, go see Google's theme for the Chinese New Year. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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