rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Change Today

Brightness again made everything green glitter and shine. Some kind of bird was making soft clicking sounds in the bush outside my window, but was usually drowned out by the screeches of the blue jays. The acorn woodpeckers have been out in large numbers, too. Their call is not exactly like that of Woody Woodpecker, but the kinship is noticeable. It is definitely a laugh, but with a variety of tones. Sometimes it is mocking, sometimes playful, and occasionally it takes on a decidedly sarcastic note. I think they might be laughing at the angry, scolding jays. Often, the jays depart soon after the woodpeckers arrive. No other birds, and not even the cats, can drive the jays away. That's another reason to like the woodpeckers.

I have the windows open, to keep Sluggo as cool as possible, but I'll have to close them soon. The day's moderate warmth is rapidly dissipating into the clear evening sky, and though the fresh air flowing in is enjoyable, my shoulder is beginning to ache from the chilly draft. Time to go make dinner, anyway.

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