rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Little Cat Feet

Fog has crept back in, but only well after I saw Venus shine brightly among lesser stars in the clear cobalt of the western sky. A bit later, Jupiter was rising in the east, but failed to clear the tree line before the fog grew too thick for its light to penetrate. Despite the cold, I'm enjoying these foggy nights. They provide a dense gray solitude, and (but for the dripping of dew and a rare pine cone clattering down through the branches, dislodging a small shower) a deep silence in which I can let thoughts go and my mind be as calm and untended as my breathing. It's nice to have the noise inside your head subside from time to time.

There was no entry last night, as Sluggo unexpectedly required some attention. I have found that in his old age, he likes to be more frequently defragmented. The Disk Defragmenter has developed an odd quirk, though. When it reaches 10% completion, it sends out the notice that the disk contents have changed and that it is starting over. Since I have no program such as a screen saver running at the time, I have no idea why it thinks that the contents have changed, but unless I shut the program down at that point, it gets caught in a loop and starts over again and again. Once I close the program and it then restart it, though, it finishes the job without any problems. Computers. Go figure.

I've had a kitty curled up on me for most of the night. She wasn't feeling well last evening, and (as is usual at such times) is now being exceptionally affectionate. Right now she's using her psychic stare to get me to make the bed down so she can go to sleep in her favorite spot. I suppose I'll have to do that.

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