rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Winter Moon

Oh, look. I've let most of another evening go by without updating. I was doing other things, such as watching the moon rise. This time of year, the moon when near the full rises beyond a stand of pines over my back fence. It is most enjoyable to see it like a lantern among the branches and needles, silhouetting their fine tracery. Tonight, the clouds had thinned enough to reveal moonrise for the first time in days, and they added their own interest to the scene. Altogether, it was the best moonrise I've seen in ages, and I watched for a long time, until the sky cleared and the moon floated above the tree line to hang among the few stars able to compete with its brightness. I didn't even mind the cold.

I'm not sure how long this clear stretch will last. Rain was expected again tomorrow, but at the moment there isn't a trace of cloud remaining. All the gray afternoon, I listened to the squawks of the acorn woodpeckers, and watched them chase each other about, their bobbing red topknots the brightest color to be seen. They are quite playful birds, and cheering to watch. In fact, they are my favorite seasonal decoration. But I seldom see them out and about when rain is falling. Another clear day would be nice, and I'm sure the birds would appreciate it, but now that I've seen such a splendid winter moonrise, I think I could be happy with more rain, too, should it come.

PS -- Spellcheck tells me I should write "moon rise" or "moon-rise" instead of "moonrise." Let's see... sunrise/moonrise... I think people will get it. Yeah, I'll stick with moonrise.

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