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I have the feeling that there is a much better piece lurking inside the entry I made this morning about the Rosslyn Hotel. (I've edited the entry to include a link to Wim Wender's web site.) I just knocked that entry off in a few minutes before bedtime, and it's a bit pale and pasty.

The gray weather is back, but the expected rain has not yet fallen. It doesn't really feel like rain out there. The air lacks that expectant quality which impending rain usually brings. At least there is a certainty that this storm will bring no snow. The nighttime temperatures are back up into the forties. I'm pleased, but Sluggo won't be, even though I've opened the window a bit for him.

I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on now. Entertain yourselves until I get back.

Oh, wait! I forgot. While I was Googling for Wim Wender's web site, I came across another which I found interesting. It belongs to a guy named Brent C. Dickerson, and it includes a series of pieces grouped under the heading "A Visit to Old Los Angeles." (Index page here.) They are about a trip someone took to L.A. in the early 20th century, and are illustrated with postcards collected at the time. (Warning for those on dial-up -- long pages, with lots of illustrations on each.) It is the best single collection of period L.A. postcards I've seen on the web. Especially if you like the architecture of that era, it's worth a look.

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