rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Where's My Mail?

My e-mail system is finally back up, but it says there are no new messages. I know there should be some LJ notifications in there, but it can't find them. Maybe they will appear later. Maybe they are lost. Rats! I still can't access the in-box from the web, either, so I don't know if the messages are there but just aren't being sent by POP3. At least with this local company I get to call them at their local phone number and grouse about it.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, but I haven't decided yet weather (no, that's whether -- stupid fixation) I will observe it or not. Since everyone else is still accepting Tuesday as an actual day of the week, it's difficult for me to ignore it. I'd rather there was no Tuesday, but it's impractical for me to do away with it on my own. Do I jump directly to Wednesday, and be a day ahead of everyone for the next week, then do it again and be two days ahead of everyone, and so on? Or do I repeat Monday, and then rejoin everyone else on Wednesday? Neither alternative is particularly appealing. I might have to go ahead and live through Tuesday with the rest of the world until I can figure out some way around this problem.

As for Monday, it hasn't been anything spectacular. It is still cold. It is still damp. The moon tonight is again draped with tatters of sheer cloud. At least my Anticipatory Spring Fever has abated somewhat. I caught myself humming Spring can Really Hang You up the Most only a couple of times. There might be rain again tomorrow. That ought to fix things, even if it is coming on a Tuesday.

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