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Random Stuff

MY e-mail service has been taking a nap tonight. I haven't been getting anything but "pop3 not found" notices. Ah, well, at least the recent slowness of LJ is not the fault of my ISP, which is a good thing, since I just paid for a year of service in advance. Since it is 1/3 cheaper by the year, I figure if they stay in business another eight months, I've broken even, at least. Anyway, the biggest threat is that Sluggo might finally go belly up before then. (Do computers have bellies? If not, what part of them does go up?) But what the hell. At least I don't have to buy stamps and send in all those annoying checks.

Does anybody use Spybot Search and Destroy? It looks like a decent program (and it's free) that digs a bit deeper than Ad Aware, which I've been using for a while (and the link to which I can't find at the moment.) It's only that I keep getting this feeling that I'm being watched. Not that my browser is being hijacked to a new home page or anything, but it has been in the past and I suspect that there might be some less obvious code left behind from those events still lurking somewhere on the hard drive.

Now, to our regularly scheduled weather report. (Heh.)

Until it settled far enough to be filtered by the pines, the nearly-full moon was dazzlingly bright, despite the layers of thin clouds which lent it a foggy halo. Watching it, I tried to imagine the heat on that icy-looking surface, but the thought failed to counteract the chill in the winter air. I've been thinking about the probe which just landed on Mars, too. I'm looking forward to the discoveries it will make. But the thought of all that distance unsettles me. In warmer weather, I wouldn't be bothered, but there is something about cold which makes thinking of distance distressing to me. I have no idea why that is so.

I do know that, even on my best day, at no time in my life have I ever had a desire to be on another planet myself. Of course, as a native of Los Angeles, many people think I was born on another planet, but that's something else again. In spite of the fact that I've always enjoyed science fiction, I've also always been quite content to stay here. I'll look at Hubble's pictures of distant places, but If I'm going to travel myself, I'd rather just go to Italy or Japan or something. There's plenty of stuff on this planet I've never seen. No need to go into stasis for a century or two just to visit a place where they don't even have Holiday Inns.

I have no idea why I got off on that tangent. It's that stupid Anticipatory Spring Fever again, most likely. I'm going to give it some bed rest, now.

Oh, yeah. I've had this blasted computer for more than three years now, and I just last night discovered that I can use those four arrow keys on the number pad to move the cursor up, down, and sideways in text documents without deleting any of the text I've already written. That could save so much time when editing! Why does nobody tell me these things?

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