rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cold, with the Possibility of Meteors

I have coffee. I will drink a lot of it. The temperature is going below 30F tonight, and I'm hoping that the trembling induced by my caffeine jitters will help keep me warm. I also have been to the store to fetch various necessities, including double chocolate chocolate chips. Mmmm, chocolate.

The streets which got some sunlight today are dry, but where they cross the deep, densely shaded arroyos where the freshly engorged streams now tumble with turbid water, much of last night's hail lingers, and the roads there will be slick once it gets cold enough to freeze. All it takes is one speeding car sliding into a utility pole and I'll be without power for most of the night.

There are still patches of hail on the lawn too, reflecting the bright moonlight and traced with the spidery shadows of bare branches and twigs. A few of the day's fluffy white clouds remain, too, white no longer but gray and silver. It's actually very pretty out, in a forbidding wintry way.

I hope it remains sufficiently clear that I can get a look at the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. The best viewing is supposed to be in Europe this year, but they might be visible from North America, too. Even if they are, I won't be watching for long in this cold. But after the moon sets, I'll bundle up as well as I can and give it a few minutes, at least.

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