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In an orgy of year-end cleaning, I have emptied my in-boxes of their accumulated spam. There were more than 500 pieces. I feel so much lighter! I notice that most everyone is beginning to make their year-end wrap-up posts. That's sort of like deleting spam. It's also sort of like taking a big psychic dump, and, as Beavis once wisely observed, a big dump feels pretty good. Watching someone take a big dump, on the other hand... well, lets just say I won't be making a public post about my year. In fact, all I have to say about this year is that, at least so far, I've gotten through it. All my fingers are crossed.

The last full night of 2003 is slithering to a close here with a drizzle that is soaking into the remaining snow. I expect the last full day of the year to be gray and damp. Most likely, not much will happen. I can get behind that. Given what has happened since last January, un-eventfulness would be for the best, I'm sure. I will say that the brightest spot in this year for me has been LiveJournal. I don't know what I'd do without it. To all those who are on the far side of the International Date Line, for whom 2004 has already begun, a Happy New Year. For everyone else -- you cross your fingers, too!

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