rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I've been thinking -- (always a dangerous sign.) Is there any reason for Tuesday? Couldn't we just dump it, and have a six day week? I mean, have you ever said, or heard anyone else say, something like "Wow, what a great Tuesday this has been!' or "Man, I </i>love</i> Tuesdays!?" I doubt it. As far as I can see, Tuesday is just an annoyance, and we'd be better off without it. Unless someone can come up with a good reason to keep it around, I'm going to start a campaign to abolish Tuesday.

This Tuesday was gray. The rain has stopped, most of the snow has been cleared from the streets and melted from the roofs. It lies in patches like threadbare carpeting inexplicably laid out on lawns. The sky was the featureless, uniform gray of overcast that looks as though clouds have been subjected to some solvent which has destroyed their individual character. In short, it was a perfect Tuesday of blandness. Even the cold in the air was without snap or vigor; a mere clamminess, like that of a corpse. Well, let it rot! To hell with Tuesday, I say! It won't be missed.

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