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Technodolt's Further Adventures in Computerland

I just spent the better part of the night trying to figure out why my browser was suddenly refusing to cache image files (and later, entire pages.) I thought I might have picked up some malicious code somewhere. I used Windows' Disk Cleanup to empty all the Internet content on the hard drive, and now it seems to be OK. I don't think the problem was one of the cache being too full though, because I've got it set to ten percent of the drive, and that's 3GB. I had only a bit more than a tenth that much content saved. So, though the problem seems to be cleared up now, I still have no idea what caused it to begin with.

I had a similar problem once before, when images would vanish from every site after I had looked at images on e-Bay. I suspected that some users there had added some sort of code to prevent people from capturing their images, and that the code had somehow leaked out and begun erasing other image files as well. Probably dumb, but I have no idea how any of this stuff works. Anyway, it still happens when I visit some e-Bay sellers' posts, so I don't go there anymore. This time, I suspected one of those new free image hosting sites of doing the same sort of thing.

In particular, I suspected The reason I thought of them is because the images they host will not go into the browser's cache. An image hosted at their site will load onto my friends page, I will click the link to read comments, and the image has to reload on the bml page. I click on the post a comment link, the image has to reload on that page. I post the comment and go to look at it, the image has to reload yet again. I go back to my friends page, and once again the image has to reload. It sucks up goatloads of bandwidth, I'm sure. But why would a hosting site deliberately do such a thing? I can speculate.

You get the image hosting and a limited amount of bandwidth free. Then, because the image has to reload every time a page to which it is summoned is accessed, you use up your allotted bandwidth very quickly. Then, in order to keep your image posts alive, you are forced to change hosts or upgrade to the site's pay service. Since images posted by their paid users seem to reload every time as well, you still use up bandwidth at a furious pace, and have to upgrade to an even more expensive package. I suspect that in the end, this "free" service will end up costing more than most of the up-front pay hosting sites. If this is what they were doing at (and I don't say they are *cough* libel suit *cough*) then they were clever indeed.

Anyway, their practices probably didn't have anything to do with my problem. It was probably just Internet Exploder being its crappy self. (Note that I have no fear of Micro$oft suing me. If they sued me, they'd have to sue practically everybody who has ever used one of their products, since almost every one of us has called them crap!) But that's where the night went. No clever weather post this morning. Sorry. It's still the same weather it was yesterday morning, anyway. Just go back and read that post.

Also, if you liked the Mallarme poem I posted the other day, I've re-posted one that was in my journal some time ago which you might have missed if you haven't been reading for too long. But this time I posted it at greatpoets and posted two different translations of it, for comparison.

That's all you get out of me tonight. Hey! I heard that!

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