rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The moon has a yellow cast to it tonight. Last night, it was white. Something is in the air. It is damp and cold, and when I go outdoors my pants get clammy, and wherever they touch my legs it is very unpleasant. I haven't had to break out the thermal underwear for the last three winters, but it looks as though I might have to this year. In fact, I'll probably have to buy a couple of new sets. I'm not even sure where I stored the old ones. Another storm is on the way, too. I wonder if this one will bring snow down to this elevation? The jet stream has dipped all the way down to San Diego, and we are sharing Canada's air.

When summer was so relentlessly hot, I suspected that we might be in for an icy winter, since that has so often been the case in the past. So far, it looks as though I was right. As always, I console myself with the fact that Sluggo will function better in the cold. It's small compensation, though, for someone who enjoys mild weather as I do. What I'd really like is to get a new, less cranky computer and move to Santa Barbara. There is a rumor that John Cleese might run for mayor of that city. Maybe I could get a job with the new Municipal Department of Silly Walks. And I wonder if Mayor Cleese, when visited by the governor, would involuntarily (or deliberately?) break into a Basil Fawlty Nazi routine? That would amuse me no end.

More tea, to ward off the chill.

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