rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Post

The entry I wrote for this morning didn't get posted because (surprise) Sluggo crashed, and it was too late for me to wait for him to recover, so I just went to sleep. Here is this mornings post, saved through the miracle of Windows Clipboard:
The rain tonight has been dense and persistent, and very loud. The almost constant wind which accompanies it is loud, too, rising at times to a roar, and driving the raindrops to clatter against the window panes. I was fairly drenched (and half deafened) after walking forty feet to the driveway and back to fetch the newspaper. It is a truly splendid winter storm! The strongest gusts of wind rattle the windows and doors and boom in the chimney, and the unceasing rush of splashing raindrops is like listening a waterfall on some mountain stream, or the turbulent swirl and eddy of a whitewater river. Even standing in a sheltered corner of the porch, I can feel the icy sting of fine droplets carried by the wind. I could stand there for hours, did I not need to sleep now. Maybe, under the influence of the sound, I'll dream of rafting.

Meanwhile, on the Internet, at All Recipes (link courtesy of shane) I found a recipe for... Peppermint Ammonia Cookies! As far as I know, I've never eaten ammonia cookies, and I had no idea that there was something called baker's ammonia. Maybe I've been downing the stuff all my life in ignorance because I seldom bother to read lists of ingredients on the packaged comestibles I buy, and have often bought goods direct from bakeries, where no lists of ingredients are presented. Interesting. I know that I've eaten lime (the mineral, not the citrus fruit -- though I've consumed that as well, of course -- mmm, key lime pie) because I've had hominy, which is made by soaking corn in lime water. But ammonia in food is news to me. Though I suppose it isn't too surprising, since we all get chlorine, that other popular ingredient in bleach, in our water at one time or another. I'm not particularly worried about it -- I simply find it amusing that we can eat something so un-food-like.

This afternoon, there is fog. It isn't the densest fog, but it's nice. There is also fog in my head, which is not so nice. I'm hoping some caffeine will help clear it up. The outdoor fog will probably dissipate as night falls. Is it time for my nap yet?

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