rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Sometimes when the north wind blows here, the temperature rises. That's because the north wind here comes not from some place such as the icy Canadian shield, but from the high desert. As the air flows downhill, it is compressed by the increasing pressure, concentrating its heat. Even a moderately cool day in the desert can produce enough heat to generate a warm wind here. The north wind is blowing tonight, but it isn't getting any warmer. It must have been very cold indeed up there yesterday. I wonder if the desert is dusted with snow? I'd like to go look at it, if it is, but I won't get the chance. Not this year, anyway. I'll just stay here and listen to the wind in the pines. And today I must get to sleep before the light comes through the window! Lately, there have been too many days when I've been still awake when the sun begins to rise, and then I stay awake for another hour or two. Not this time. This time the computer goes off as soon as I post this entry. No checking of friends page. No making last minute comments. I swear!

Yeah, right!

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