rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Totally Gay

When the American Family Association stuck a poll about gay marriage on their web site a couple of days ago, they did so with the intention of presenting the results as a petition to Congress. They apparently assumed that the respondents would be overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of marriage for homosexuals, I suppose. At first, it seemed as though their assumption would prove correct. Yesterday, more than 80% of respondents opposed it. I wonder if the AFA will still present the poll results as a petition to Congress now? I just took another look at the site, and more than half the respondents as of now approve of gay marriage, and a further 8% accept the idea of civil unions as an acceptable alternative. That means that fewer than 40% of respondents are opposed to some sort of legal recognition for committed gay and lesbian couples.

This turnaround appears to be the result of people voting in the poll after finding links to it at weblog sites, especially LJ, where word can spread very fast indeed. It's nice to see the AFA hoist on its own petard. (I'd say it's nice to see them get hosed, but that would sound, like, totally gay, man.) Personally, I'd like to see gay marriages legalized, not least because then I'd stand a good chance of getting invited to a lot of weddings with really, really good catering for a change. But I do wonder what would be thrown to the crowd of bachelors in lieu of the bride's garter? I'm thinking maybe a cock ring, but that's probably very, very wrong of me.

Well, I'm certainly in a strange mood tonight, aren't I? One could even say giddy. I attribute this to the fact that my brain woke up a good six hours later than my body did yesterday. In fact, only then did I realize that I had jumped two whole days in my mind and thought it was already Sunday. That's what happens when every day is like every other day. I need to create some sort of variety in my schedule. Perhaps I could dye one of the cats a different color once a week, using one of those color treatments which lasts only a few days. When the cat had faded to its natural color, I would know that the day had rolled around again. It would be like one of those tooth brushes with the clump of fading colored bristles in the middle. Do they make that dye in a spray? I hate the idea of dipping a cat every week. Of course, if I did dip a cat once a week, I would then be able to tell how much time had passed by how well the scratches had healed, too. In fact, I could probably forgo the dye altogether, and merely bathe the cat weekly. Yeah, that would work.

It's going to be a rainy Saturday. That means I won't have my light cue to wake me up. No telling when I might be back, in that case. I'd certainly like to see at least a bit of daylight this afternoon, no matter how dimmed by cloud it may be. I fear that I might develop SAD if I suffer much more light deprivation. It would be nice to spend a few days in some place sunny, but the cats would never forgive me, and Sluggo, left to his own devices, would undoubtedly take over the world. I guess I'd better just look into getting some extremely bright light bulbs. After I wake up, of course -- whenever the hell that will be.

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