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Winter Arrives [Dec. 19th, 2003|09:05 pm]
The window is open, admitting a steady flow of cold air and the sound of rain. All the gray, still afternoon, I waited for the rain. It finally arrived just after what would have been sunset, had the steely ceiling of clouds been less dense. It is the onset of winter. The rain splatters on roof and ground, but the leaves are all but gone. The rain sounds different without them. This is the first truly wintry storm of the season. It smells good, and I don't mind the chilly air entering the window as long as it carries that rich, damp scent. It is like the last exhalation of autumn's decay mixed with the breath of fresh growth that will emerge with spring. The season turns, right on time. Tomorrow, the daylight will lengthen.

Update: No, of course it won't. I've forgotten what day it is again. Sunday is the Winter Solstice. Monday the daylight will lengthen. Sheesh. I can't even operate winter properly anymore.