rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

She is All They Say

Sunset made me hungry for tangerine candy. The bands of cloud above the western horizon glowed with color that looked very much like those translucent, hard sweets I remember from childhood, but haven't seen in years.

But watching the sunset was only a brief respite from the usual hectic round of Monday tasks. Now that most of them are done, and I have time to do something else, Sluggo has decided to be cranky. Hmph. He couldn't have waited until LJ goes offline for maintenance at 1:00AM PST? Wicked machine. This might be something brought on by the power failure yesterday, when he got throttled unexpectedly. Perhaps he would respond to a de-fragging. There goes two hours.

I'd best go stand under the shower before the night grows any colder.
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