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Another night zips by. Brad has been throwing a lot of stuff at us over the last couple of days. It's like he didn't take his Ritalin. (Heh.) I think some of the proposed changes are good, and some may be cans of worms waiting to be opened. On the whole, I like to see things moving ahead, but I don't think they have to move quite this fast. We need time to digest one proposal before we get hit with another. I've been spending so much time keeping up with the posts in LJ News and the dozens of pages of comments they have elicited that I barely have time to scan my friends page, let alone write thoughtful journal entries -- or even sloppy journal entries, for that matter.

I also noticed a glitch in the reply to comments box. When writing there, I found that I was unable to go back and insert new text in the midst of existing text. I've always done that before, but now part of my existing text will be erased as the new text I'm inserting is typed. Weird. I'd report this to support, but lack the time. I'm sure, if it's a general problem, other people will be reporting it, though, so maybe it doesn't matter that I'm not. But I'd say it's most likely a problem that results from too much new code going live in too short a time.

Anyway, I've spent my entire on-line time here tonight, just looking over those comments in the News posts and the posts that are linked from them. I do have some concern about the proposal to purge old journals in order to free up user names coveted by more recent arrivals. (I lost the link, but it is linked from Brad's (currently) most recent post in News.) I hope that Brad carefully considers this point made by vampwillow (I hope I got that username right) and especially this one made by justgoto.

Enough for now. I hope that tomorrow I can do something other than read (and write) about Brad's frenzy of changes. I need a break. Somebody send Brad a joint, to mellow him out a bit.

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