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Sunlight! [Dec. 7th, 2003|04:05 pm]
Though the sky retains a stormy look, the north a slate backdrop for nearly denuded oaks, the south is a blue expanse studded with cumulus castles, turrets shining white in the afternoon sun. The brightness actually woke me before two o'clock! A few minutes ago, I went out and saw an astonishing light in the treetops to the north, but by the time I returned from fetching the camera it had gone. That camera (and my limited skills) probably wouldn't have been up to capturing it, anyway. But the exposed branches of the oaks decorated by a remaining handful of reddish-brown leaves made redder by the low rays of the declining sun, and the green and reddish-gold of the autumn pines, all seen against that mass of burnished gray sky would have made a splendid picture. I am going to go back out now to enjoy the remainder of the daylight and the crisp air. Maybe there will be a sunset worth remembering.