rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still More Wetness

LJ appears to have gotten over whatever it was that was making it slow (achingly slow, in fact) last night, but I've noticed that comment pages often need to be refreshed before all the comments that have been posted on them will show up. Anyway, the wonkiness here led me to spend my time online elsewhere, and Sluggo has been running for almost three hours now. I'll have to shut him down soon, though. I don't want him crashing and losing all the pages I've collected tonight, as he did a couple of days ago.

The rain has continued fairly steadily all night, with occasional gusts of wind blowing the drops to drum on the window. It isn't as cold as the previous rain. I might get away with only four blankets today. It would be nice to have the rain clear by afternoon, so the leaves can begin to dry out again, but thee forecast is for a mostly cloudy day of showers, followed by more rain Saturday, followed by mostly cloudy with showers Sunday. Colonies of frogs will move into those leaves before I get them raked up. Well, I'll enjoy their croaking. I'd like to hear them now. A bit of frog song would help me sleep.

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