rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Again

The clouds are returning after a single clear day, most of which I missed due to waking up too late. They began gathering before the moon set, and made for a pleasant skyscape, reflecting the light from their drifting shapes. But I fear the rain will return before the leaves have dried sufficiently to be easily raked. In any case, I may not have time to rake them this afternoon, as I will probably sleep too late again (given that it is already past six o'clock and I show no sign of being tired) and, whenever I wake, I'll need to waste time on errands to the other side of town, and by the time I return no daylight may be remaining. Short days are the curse of December, but the long nights are so deeply peaceful! And isn't it great not to be hot, Sluggo? (He says "yes.")

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