rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


All the various and sundry teeth in my head are cleaned, scraped, polished, et cetera. Now I can set about getting them worn down some more. I have to go back for another cleaning in four months, due to some pockets of resistance, or some such thing. I'm getting some bone loss. Bone loss! And there is no Viagra for that sort of bone loss! Anyway, this bone loss causes the gums to recede, exposing part of the tooth root, which has no enamel on it and is thus more sensitive than the normally exposed part of the tooth. That's why I can't chomp things as hard as I used to. Bummer.

All day it has rained through the soft gray light. I would like to go somewhere, but I'm stuck here. I'm thinking about how nice city streets look in the rain. Here, everything is swallowed in the darkness, and the rain becomes nothing but sound except when it is briefly illuminated by the lights of a passing car. I want to see neon reflected in puddles, and shiny asphalt streaked with green and red and amber from the traffic signals. Trees are nice, but none the worse for a change.

I'm going to go stain my newly-exposed teeth with some tea.

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