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Stuff [Dec. 1st, 2003|06:06 am]
I ran a Google search on rejectomorph, as I occasionally do just to see if I'm still there. (Somehow, being on Google assures me that this whole thing isn't merely an hallucination. Why I don't imagine Google itself to be an hallucination, I don't know.) But this time, something new came up in the results. In addition to the usual LJ pages, there was this page, which (at some time in the past when Google crawled the site) showed the 500 then most recently updated weblogs in the world, and one of my entries happened to be among them. You can see the current page at the site (promethyl.org) right here. I'm going to go take a look at it as soon as I post this entry, so I can see my name at the top of the list -- or near it, anyway. The posts listed at the site are frequently dated only seconds apart. I don't know why the fact that my journal is being mentioned at this site should please me so much, but it does. Maybe its just further confirmation that I'm not imagining the whole thing. And I like the idea that this post mentioning the site will be listed on the site, and if anyone should click on the link to it there, they will end up reading about the site where they found the link that brought them here. I'm amused by this. I'm easily amused.

The rain has been less furious than I expected, but still sufficient to give the place a good soaking. It has let up now, so I won't have the sound of it to help me get to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow afternoon, because I have a dental appointment, but I'm not feeling the least bit sleepy. This means I'll end up cranky from insufficent sleep, and probably have another crappy night. I suppose nothing can be done about it.

I did manage to get some work done on some writing I've been wanting to get to, but I stalled at a point that I suspect is about a third of the way through. That happens frequently when I'm not convinced that what I'm doing is worth the effort. I think I might enjoy being stupid and untalented. Of course, then I wouldn't get to see my pseudonym at Google.

Rats! Six o'clock! Must try to sleep.

Oh, December!

Update: I checked the promethyl page, and I wasn't there. Then I saw a notice at the bottom of the page saying that the data was exported hourly, or "when I get arond to it." Hmph. I guess I won't show up there unless I happen to post an entry just before they update their page. But I still ought to be on Userland's Weblogs.com.

[User Picture]From: waning_estrogen
2003-12-01 11:01 am (UTC)
... because it's there ...
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