rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The clouds hunkered down and made the night dense, so that walking into it was like pushing through veils of darkness and becoming lost among them. I didn't go far. Somewhere at the back of my mind was that old belief that deep darkness is always filled with bears.

Somehow, I didn't get around to writing my November 27th nostalgia piece. I've been quite distracted lately. More than usual, I mean, since I'm well aware that distraction is my normal state. But recently there have been times when I have gathered so much wool that hours pass without notice. I think I might be in a state of semi-hibernation. If this is the case, then the darkness does indeed contain at least one bear, of a sort.

Not for long, as the sun already threatens the eastern horizon with another day. I shall now bury myself under the night's gathered wool and sleep. Things are much too strange.

Update: I forgot to mention this, for people who don't read the community; Go see the current mood of LiveJournal. The link was posted in lj_nifty by evan.

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