rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Grossness and a Warning

On second thought, I'd better put this post I'm writing behind an LJ cut, because it's a bit gross. Don't read it with breakfast! I've been dealing with a very sick kitty tonight. Several times she has thrown up a pink-tinged liquid with red flacks in it. At first, I thought she must have some internal bleeding (which she still might --I'm just not sure) but then I noticed something in her food dish. It was some sort of meat which my dad must have given her. It was red, and looked and smelled like corned beef, though we haven't had any of that in the house in a long time. I decided that it must have been some canned ham which had been sitting in the bowl long enough to dry out. I won't find out what it really was until my dad wakes up. I'll have to speak to him about giving the cats people food -- especially pork. It's just too fatty for them.

Anyway, the cat has been sleeping for a couple of hours now. I hope she's rid of whatever it was that made her so sick. I don't want to disturb her, but she's sleeping on my bed (which pretends to be a couch during the day, so I can't open it up without moving her.) Well, if she doesn't move on her own soon, it looks as though I'll be sleeping on the floor. Also, because the room was way too cold for her, I've had to turn the heat up again, which means Sluggo is likely to crash soon. Crap. One thing after another around here.

Also, HEED THIS WARNING! I have seen several instances of a vile spam on LJ comment pages tonight. It has various headings, but the links I have seen in them all lead to this url: "" This web site may try to download an .exe file onto your computer. I haven't gotten this spam on any of my comment pages, but in case it shows up, I'll delete it as soon as I find it, lest someone unaware of what it might be clicks on that link. In the meantime, if you see it anywhere, don't click on the link! BAD spammers. BAD!

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