rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Every day and in every way, I'm getting later and later. And I'm freezing my balls off. It's only been getting into the fifties every day, and dropping into the thirties at night. I have half a mind to turn the heat up and just give Sluggo a night off.

The trees only recently turned color, and in the last few days more than half the leaves have fallen. That was a short autumn. The clear skies have gone, too. I just went out and saw that the stars I had enjoyed for the last few nights have been obscured by clouds. No rain is expected, though that means nothing, since it was expected a few days ago, and never arrived. So maybe there will be rain, and maybe not. Maybe there will be snow, and maybe not. Maybe there will be a Fortean event, and haddock or pecans will fall from the sky. I just don't know anymore.

At midnight, I will go see if anything is on television tonight. I at least want to get out of Sluggo's icy room and into the comparatively warm living room long enough to let my ears thaw. And I think I'll make some hot cereal. Mmmm, cereal. Mmmm, heat.

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