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No Time [Nov. 19th, 2003|08:05 pm]
It got almost warm today. I went out and stood in the wan sunlight, and looked at the leaves which are at last turning yellow and red (except for those of the mulberry tree which insist on remaining mostly green) and was actually tempted to remove my jacket. I was also tempted to rake up some of those leaves, but resisted that temptation as well. It was easy. I'll try to get around to it tomorrow. If I don't, I'll probably regret it by Friday, when rain is likely, and maybe even snow. Once the leaves are sodden, they are very unpleasant to pick up. I suppose I'm hoping that leaf-gnomes will get rid of them for me. This has never happened before, but there's always a first time for everything, isn't there? Another triumph of hope over reason! I feel good. I blame the sunshine.

I was going to post something about November 19th based on my time line, but the evening has zipped by too fast while I did other things, and still more other things remain to be done. It rained on Los Angeles then. I remember that rain. It kept me from going to Long Beach, due to the paranoia of the parents of a friend with a car. Hell, they were from Wisconsin! Why would they be worried about a little bit of southern California rain? (Well, okay, a steady downpour that flooded the streets from curb to curb, but still....) Anyway, I'm not writing about it. There's no time. Got to go.