rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fixed (For Now)

The maintenance wizard seems to have de-bugged Internet Exploder. Whatever was causing it to forget to cache anything has been expelled. I still have no idea what it was, but I hope it doesn't come back. And Sluggo is no longer automatically converting jpg's to bitmaps. So, I guess I don't have consult an exorcist. I hate when I have to do that. The sight of Sluggo's monitor spinning around, and all that green stuff spewing from the CD drive is quite unnerving, and the vile words that come out of his speakers! Shocking!

The strange rabblebabble, who added me to his/her friends list a couple of weeks ago is still writing cryptic little entries full of odd metaphor. I had at first thought that rabblebabble might actually be green_tree, but I now doubt it. For one thing, green_tree had an interests list filled with shocking things, clearly designed to outrage as many people as possible, and rabblebabble has not done anything of this sort. In reply to virtually every entry, green_tree received a tremendous number of hostile comments. But in spite of a number of (mostly polite) requests from people who want to be removed from his/her friends list, the comments rabblebabble's entries receive are mostly either merely puzzled or amused, and some are quite adoring. In fact, rabblebabble is now the subject of babblecom, a community dedicated to discussing the mystery journaler. I don't think that even the hideous penguinboy has ever been the subject of a community. Yes, I know that rabblebabble is probably the one who created the community, but still, several people have already added it. With such a gift for self promotion, rabblebabble could end up being governor of California one day.

The night has continued fairly clear, so I might be seeing a bit of sunshine again tomorrow, but rain is expected again by Friday. Snow might even fall as low as 2000 feet Friday night. But tonight, the quarter moon is only slightly blurry from the high fog, and the larger stars are bright. Still no meteors, though. Now, I must feed kitties, and then to sleep.

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