rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of the Same

For the last couple of weeks, they've ben doing something with the main road that runs a block west of my house. Today, I got very little sleep because of the noise of large trucks and construction equipment rumbling and clattering. Apparently, their preparations are coming to fruition. Maybe they are going to re-pave, and I will no longer hear the loud thumping noise that cars make as they pass over the bad joints that have developed between sections of the road surface over the years. I didn't bother to go over and look. I was too tired after being repeatedly awakened by the beep, beep, beep of trucks backing up to turn around on the side street. That's the main disadvantage of being nocturnal.

But now it is quiet, and I have the night to myself, which is the main advantage of being nocturnal. I'll probably take one of those unintentional naps, though. To help ward it off, I'm drinking tea, but the caffeine is no longer reliable. For many years, I could count on it to keep me awake even when I was exhausted. Recently, it has failed me on several occasions. Should I lose my sensitivity to it, I might become narcoleptic. I can imagine myself sleeping ten or twelve hours a day. I quite like sleeping. Even though I seldom remember my dreams, I have the distinct feeling that they are much more enjoyable than is my waking life. Maybe I'll end up in a coma some day.

The night looks so much like last night that I see no point in describing it. That means I have nothing to say. Just as well, since LJ is back to normal (meaning cranky as hell) and might not even post anything for me. Must go make more tea.

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