rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Vanishing Act

The post I made last night is not showing up on my friends page, even though I'm on my own friends list. What up with that? I'm also opening comment pages from links that give a large number of replies, and finding only a few replies are showing up. Sometimes more appear if I refresh. I wonder if this is happening to anyone else? I wonder if I ought to bitch to support about it? I wonder if this post will show up on my (or your) friends page? I wonder what else is missing from my friends page? I wonder if I should just give up and go to sleep?

I do believe a wind is coming up. No more storms are expected for the next few days, but, this year having been so relentlessly weird, one never knows. Anyway. Happy Veterans Day/Armistice Day/Eleventh Day of November (or, for those very few who know, Mount Lowe Day.) No nostalgia post this time. No time this time. Maybe not even any post appearing on your page this time. Maybe I've vanished into the LJ void and don't realize it yet. Maybe Frank the goat is eating my posts. What the hell. At least they'll have been good for something.

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