rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

LJ Oddness

I found to day that I have been added to the friends list of another of those strange journals which pops up out of nowhere with a massive friends list, and which features odd or inexplicable posts. This one is rabblebabble, and thus far it has but four entries. Already, the comments of the latest post feature a number of irate demands to be removed from the journal's friends list.

The last time I was added to one of these journals was last year, when green_tree suddenly appeared on my friend-of list, only to mysteriously vanish from it a few months later. The tree boy used to update on the 11th of each month, but hasn't made an appearance for several months now. His entries were odd, but interesting, though I never bothered to add him to my friends list, as I could easily check his journal once a month, if I felt like it.

The classic example of this type of journal, though, (and the earliest of the kind of which I am aware) is that of the hideous penguinboy, who has never added me to his friends page. His infrequent entries are usually quite bizarre. I check his entries from time to time, to see if he has updated and to see the reactions of his bemused readers. Unlike the tree boy, though, penguinboy actually leaves comments in other journals now and then. I see them occasionally in greatpoets. It remains to be seen whether or not rabblebabble will surface in comments.

Meanwhile, in the real world, I've been greatly entertained by my cats today. This time of year, there is a large flying insect which appears in the evenings. I have no idea of the species. It's just a big, clumsy brown thing which makes a buzzing which, the first time I heard one, made me mistake it for a bumble bee. They are slow and awkward fliers, which makes it easy for even my aging cats to bat them out of the air. They are one of the best cat toys ever, and have provoked no end of feline frolic today. When the cats catch them, though, I don't stick around to see if the bugs get eaten. I'm sure they would make a disgusting crunch when bitten, and I have no desire to hear it.

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