rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon, I was about to write an entry when a sudden flash and an immediate crack of thunder told me that it was time to shut Sluggo down. By the time I had done so, and got outside, the wind, which had been still all afternoon, was sending waves of the sudden downpour over the porch, and the trees were swaying furiously, lashing the raindrops around them into small puffs of mist. Though the sun had not yet set, the day was splendidly dark, with but a few lines and blotches of silver among the roiling gray mass of clouds. Even in the shelter of the porch, I got soaked. It was like having sex with the storm god.

Before full night fell, the thunder and lightning abated, and the wind calmed a bit, but the rain continues to stream down through the darkness. The moon was to be still within Earth's umbra when it rose after five o'clock, but there was no eclipse for me. From horizon to horizon, the sky remains a mass of dark cloud, and there seems at times to be as much water as air. I am staying indoors now, listening to the insistent drumming on the roof. Ah, that storm god is insatiable!

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