rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

How it Goes

Now that I'm getting to sleep before the gray light begins to creep into the sky, I no longer get visits from the cat across the street. All through the summer, when I went out to fetch the morning paper, she would be up and about and would come over to meow at me and then nibble a bit of grass from my lawn. Then I would go back into the house and my cat would sniff my pant leg where the other cat had rubbed against it, and she would give me an accusing look. Now I fetch the paper in cat-free total darkness, and when I come back in, my cat is still sleeping on my bed and I have to move her before I can get in it, and she gives me an accusing look. The more things change....

I went rooting around in boxes and drawers for some things I know I have stashed away somewhere, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I have this idea in my head, and we all know how much trouble those are! The idea is that if I re-connect with something from the past, I'll be able to use the energy it generates to do something now. But I feel the need to have a tangible object with which to jog my memory. I know it's in there somewhere! I just can't find it.

It's November, and my head is filled with ghosts.

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