rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Due to insufficient sleep yesterday, I took an unintended nap tonight. I was lulled to sleep by the sound of the furnace and the warm air rushing through the ducts under the floor. The air in the ducts causes a slight but sensuous vibration in the floorboards, you know. If you lie down near a vent on a cold night, there's no way you can stay awake. I was doomed. Now it's too late to do anything, and I'm still groggy from napping, anyway, so wouldn't make much sense. I woke with vague memories of a dream in which I was tasting whipped cream from a series of bowls, but it always turned out to be Cool Whip. Yes, it was a nightmare. I ache as though I had been eating Cool Whip. That's the result of sleeping on the hard floor. And I never found out how that television program ended. Well, yes, I know that the Nazis lost that war, but that was in the universe in which I went to sleep. What if, while sleeping, I was transported into a universe in which they won? Because I fell asleep before the end of the program, I'd never know. That's why I always like to finish watching a documentary, just in case. If I wake up tomorrow and everybody is speaking German, I'm going to be so pissed!

Oh, yeah. The insufficient sleep yesterday was the result of my being wakened by spaghetti sauce. For some reason, I can no longer abide the smell of food cooking while I'm asleep. In recent weeks, I've been prematurely wakened by the odors of grilled cheese, waffles, chili, and now spaghetti sauce. Once I'm awake, from this cause at least, I can never get back to sleep. It's enough to put me off my feed. Luckily, it didn't do so this time, because the spaghetti was damned good. I only wish that it had been delayed an hour or two.

Now, back to sleep -- in a bed this time, with lots of covers against the cold, and a purring cat next to the pillow.

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