rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Busy Again

With no provocation at all, this turned into a hectic day. I hate when that happens. I was going to sit around drinking tea and enjoying the last of the rainstorm, and suddenly I'm running around town on all sorts of spur-of-the-moment errands. It's over now, in any case, and I'm only about two hours behind schedule. And I did get to see a rainbow as I was dashing between stores in a bright mist falling through sunlight. Alas, I had no camera with me. My camera has never been very good a capturing rainbows, anyway, and the foreground of parking lot would have been less than picturesque.

Tomorrow ought to be sunny, though even colder than today. It is very strange to have these wintry temperatures while the trees are still casting dense shade. Aliens are behind this, I tell you! They are altering Earth's climate in preparation for their invasion! I'll bet we are going to be on an episode of the Galactic Broadcasting Company's Changing Planets!

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