rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wet at Last

I forgot to mention that yesterday afternoon just before four o'clock, I passed by the time/temperature display at a local bank, and saw the temperature reading drop from fifty-three degrees to fifty-two degrees. Shiver. I'm most comfortable when the temperature is in the mid sixties. Most years, there is a long period of such weather in autumn. This year, we have zipped right past it.

Tonight, clouds slowly gathered and obscured the stars. If the aurora comes, I won't see it. The bright side is that rain has begun. It is a mere sprinkle as yet, but I can hear it splattering on the leaves of the mulberry tree, and when I open the door I can smell the dampness rising from the ground. In spite of the cold, I stood on the porch a long time, taking in that delightful scent. Nearby, I heard an owl hooting. I don't think this rain will last very long, but I hope the owl sticks around for Halloween. Dried leaves skittering in the breeze, a little bit of moonlight, and a hooting owl are perfect for Halloween. It would be a nice way to end October.

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