rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mrmf mbler mrfll

Done. I got a resin filling this time, instead of the amalgam which I've gotten in the past, so I won't be picking little balls of silver and mercury from beneath my tongue for the next couple of days. I think my bite might be a bit off, though. It's always hard to tell when your mouth is numb. It was a lower molar, so I had to get the needle jammed into that place at the back of my mouth, where it grinds against the bone, and then it sits there for several minutes while the novocaine slowly oozes into your flesh. After that, it wasn't bad. The resin fillings don't take as long to install as do the amalgam fillings, and there isn't a lot of that pressing. They stick a device in your mouth which emits what I take to be ultraviolet light (I didn't ask, since my tongue was numb and I wanted to use it as little as possible) and it sets right away. Then they grind down the excess, and it's done.

Sweet potato for dinner, since it doesn't require any of that hazardous chewing. All you do is mash it around a bit with your numb tongue and swallow. Beer helps, as always. Anyway, I've survived, but when the numbness wears off, I'll be sore. And, in spite of precautions, I'm pretty sure I did bite myself. I tasted the unmistakable flavor of blood. Mmmm, blood.

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