rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dark Sky

Night is well advanced, and there is no aurora borealis. There has been a spectacular drop in temperature from last night, though. Then, I was comfortable in shirt sleeves. Tonight, I shiver in a heavy jacket. The younger cat slept outdoors last night, but when I let her out just after midnight tonight, she was at the door, wanting back in, within ten minutes. Still, I doubt that it's cold enough for frost. It simply feels very cold in contrast to the recent mild nights. A frost would be nice, and would at last bring a bit more red into this mostly brown and yellow fall.

A while ago, Sluggo did an odd thing I've never seen before. There was a popping and fizzing sound from the monitor, and the picture suddenly turned into a dim, distorted hourglass shape down the center of the screen. I turned the monitor off and then back on, and the picture returned to normal. I have no idea what happened. I've had Sluggo forget that he has a monitor before, with the screen going blank so that I have to shut down the bad way, but I've never seen anything such as this partial blanking before. Computers=weird.

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