rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The air has stilled at last, yet lingering warmth makes for a pleasant night of stargazing. As yet, I've seen no effect from the sun's recent activity. I had hoped there might be a bit of an aurora even this far south, but there has been none. This would be a good time of month for it, too, the thin moon still setting so early.

I am quite surprised to see LJ working so rapidly. The problem with inaccurate comment numbers and vanishing comments seems to have been corrected as well. Thus far, I remain on the Ribeye cluster, but that will not be a problem if its total load is reduced. It will be like having my neighborhood improve around me. Yes, once the rabble are moved out, it ought to be a decent place once again. Heh.

By the end of the week, it shall have cooled off enough for Sluggo to be less cranky, and I can make some longer posts and catch up on my replies to comments. I know, I know; you can hardly wait!

Best wishes to scottobear for a speedy recovery, and congratulations on his journal being LJ's most googlebotted! I just know it's because of those little chocolate donuts of John Belushi's! Their power is infinite!

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