rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was surprisingly warm today, and though the wind has died down, the desert air which it has brought has desiccated my sinuses and given me a headache. Sluggo and I have both been napping a great deal. The warm weather is expected to continue for several days, at least. It's blue skies and crashing computer for me. Feh.

The cat appears to be feeling a bit better. Her abscess has drained, but her constant washing of the area around it has left her with a big mat of hair on her neck. She hates to have those cut away, and I'd hate to have to take her to be groomed by the vet, who always gives her a knockout shot before trimming her mats. I'll try to cut it myself, and will probably get scratched and bitten in the process. I'm glad the other cat doesn't get mats.

This post isn't going to get any better. I think I'll shut up before Sluggo crashes.

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