rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Warm wind began last night, flowing down from the desert, filling the street with dry leaves. Today, the trees will not be still. The thin mulberry branch that scrapes against the rain gutter is making that deep growl it makes. The light filtered through the leaves flickers and dances, filling the rooms with reflections. I can imagine that I'm sitting by a rippling pond. The pale sky is swept clean of clouds. The day is all blue and green and yellow and brown, with just a hint of the red that is to come.

Yesterday evening, LJ disgorged the e-mail it had been hoarding. I have not caught up with it. The warm winds have made Sluggo prone to unannounced naps. My computer is narcoleptic! I wish he qualified for some sort of disability payments. I'll try to post this now, but doubt that I'll succeed.

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