rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Early Night, I Hope

Deer visited twice tonight. The first time, I heard their hooves in the deep darkness before midnight as I stood on the porch. The second time, about three in the morning, I opened the door to let a cat out and noticed her peering intently into the darkness. As she stepped out, I followed, and heard the hooves again, at least one set scuffling in the dirt of the flower bed by the driveway, others clopping on the pavement. The cat probably got a good look at them, but it was still much too dark for me. I heard them leave, then noticed the dark shadow of the cat slink off the porch, going off to inspect the ground the deer had trod. I wish I could see in the dark the way the cats can.

Because of the dental appointment this afternoon, I'm going to try to get to sleep early today -- like right now! I want to be well rested for the ordeal. It is always difficult for me to sleep this early, but maybe with the sound of a cat purring, and thoughts of the cheshire cat moon grin rising through the eastern trees, I can do it.
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