rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fading Afternoon

There is a bit of a warming trend going on. It isn't hot yet, and is in fact very comfortable for me, but Sluggo is distressed. For me, it would be perfect ice cream weather, if I still ate that highly sugary but delightful confection. Well, actually, I do eat it, occasionally, in small amounts, although I shouldn't. But not today. Tomorrow is the dental appointment, and the inevitable aches and muscle soreness which I endure after eating too much sugar would surely aggravate the unpleasantness of being orally poked and prodded in a bad way.

The lump under the cat's chin turned out to be an abscess. It opened up yesterday and is draining nicely. I've given her a medication to hasten the process. I have no idea how she came by the injury which became abscessed, since she hasn't been in any fights of late. She might have scratched herself too vigorously. I hope that it isn't the result of a dental problem. I'm keeping an eye on her, and counting on the remarkable recuperative powers of her species. There is nothing she hates more than a trip to the vet.

I'm hearing a few more acorns fall, but not as many as last year. A short while ago, a crow swooped over my driveway and dropped one in order to crack the shell, then retrieved it and flew off to enjoy its repast away from my prying eyes. I wonder how crows cracked acorns before there were pavements? There are few outcrops of rock around here, and the dirt would surely be too soft to crack an acorn shell.

I just heard another one hit the street. Looking out, I see a big crow pecking at the exposed nut, while another crow caws angrily from a branch on a nearby oak. Has there been an acorn hijacking? I expect there will be more of these altercations in the coming days, given the poverty of this year's crop.

Daylight Saving Time will be ending in a few days. I will miss the long evenings, but not the gray light which still seeps through my window before I can get to sleep too many mornings. Yet a full month of autumn has already passed, and in a third of a year, we will be struggling up out of winter, anticipating the approach of spring. I much prefer November to February, but take comfort in the fact that the lengthening daylight of that colder month will cheer me, even before the first buds appear. For now, the emerging color and lingering warmth will be compensation for the early dark. Each season has its virtues, and autumn not the fewest, even for the hungry crows who have now departed in search of more food, leaving the street placid in the precious gold light of late afternoon.

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