rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's Saturday, and I probably won't do anything. Before I came here, I always did something on Saturday. Here, the days are all the same. It might as well be Wednesday. Only Sundays and holidays are a bit different, but only because there is no mail delivery, and no early morning traffic. Oh, monotony.

Now that the weather is cooling, I should be able to keep Sluggo working long enough to upload a few pictures. I haven't posted any in months. I haven't taken many this year, either, because the weather has been so crappy. I seldom got out in the spring because of all the rain, and those summer days were too hot, and I've had way too much to do lately. But I'm sure I can find a few things to post. At least, there ought to be a couple of cat pictures I've never put up.

But I must watch less television. Having those extra movie channels is playing havoc with my schedule. I barely have time to download pr0n art anymore.

Speaking of art, I've discovered that the pages of The Athenaeum vanish from my browser as soon as I leave them. If you want to save the images, you have to do it while you're still on the page -- unless other browsers don't behave that way, or you know some clever geek way around whatever it is that the site is doing to prevent people from saving their pages in a cache. It's an annoying trait of the site, particularly since the index pages have to reload every time you click on them, and you have to go back to the index page in order to get to the next image. I think I mentioned in my original post that the site could have been better designed.

Crap, it's after six! Must sleep!

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