rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My capacity for concentration is still shot to hell. It's been over a month, now. Unresolved problems cause me to beat my head against a wall. Figuratively, of course. The walls in this house would probably dent, and release tiny particles of asbestos.

Also, one of my previously filled molars has cracked. Dental work is costly and worrisome. I repeat my frequent warning: Get your wisdom teeth yanked before they push your other teeth out of alignment! It will save trouble in the long run. Once your bite is off, you're screwed.

The night is soft and cool, but the time which contains it is harsh. Each day, I wake wondering what new unpleasantness it will bring. I feel closed in and isolated, and want to be far from here, not only in space but in time. Since this is impossible, I want to call down the wrath of outraged nature on this place, and every place like it. All the petty irritations I'm experiencing are aggravations to those graver concerns over which I have no control. Too much is going wrong at once. Needing a tooth capped is a fairly small thing, but under the circumstances, it feels as though it could be the one straw too many.


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