rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sniff, Sniff

I've gotten ahold of the latest issue of Premier, the cheesy movie magazine. It is particularly interesting, not for its content, but for a particular advertisement. It is one of those scented ads, with the strip you tear open to get a whiff of the product. There are actually two in this issue, one of them being for Dior perfume. No surprise there. The other is the one that caught my interest. It is for... Florida Grapefruit Juice! Yup. Peel it open, and there is the aroma of freshly squeezed grapefruit.

I'm not a fan of those scented perfume ads. Most of them are pretty vile, and the combination of several in one magazine can create a truly astonishing reek. But I have to admit, the grapefruit is nice. The only problem is that it is mingled with the stink of Dior's perfume ad, which is but a few pages away. I'd prefer the grapefruit by itself.

Could this be the beginning of a trend? Will the producers of other comestibles follow suit and begin placing ads scented with the aromas of their products in magazines? I can imagine opening the mailbox and releasing a bouquet of spices, herbs, fruits, and other food scents, all mingling into an olfactory banquet. Unfortunately, I can also imagine some rather unpleasant odors being included. Certain cheeses, for example, might be a delight to some, but offensive to others. The various scents, pleasant in themselves, might also combine into decidedly foul agglomerations, as the perfume ads frequently do. And, of course, even if food-scented ads become common, it is unlikely that the perfume ads will vanish. Magazines might end up smelling like mall food courts filled with perfumed trollops and their scented pimps. A frightening thought. Mrs. Field's Cookies and Starbuck's battling it out with Nautica and Chanel, with a hint of kraut from the hot dog emporium and caramel corn tinged with Old Spice. Hell in the mailbox.

I do like the grapefruit juice ad, but I fear for the future of our noses.

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